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Feedback on TSR Interactive Charts

We are always committed to provide you with best tools coupled with easy to use stock analysis tools. In that journey we are happy to introduce our most powerful and flexible next generation charts with you. Going back in time if you were with us since the beginning of the website you would remember this is our fifth generation charts. We evolve with time, technology and of course most importantly with your expectations.

As we always say and believe that continuous improvement is the only way to provide the service you all truly deserve and that is not possible without your crucial feedback . To help you serve better please write to us.

Happy to serve you since 2010.

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User Comments
Posted by dev
Posted on: 14-Mar-2019
give exact ohlc price not in round fig

Posted by dev
Posted on: 14-Mar-2019
u dont give exact price ohlc

Posted by prem raj
Posted on: 20-Feb-2019
banknifty trand today

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 16-Feb-2019
Hi Guest,
Thanks for contacting us. It will be good if you mention your name also to address the issue.

Our team is working on it, thought they are available in flash charts.

Site Admin

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 31-Jan-2019
Please provide option to select time frame like Daily/weekly/monthly in moving average cross over screen.


Posted by Guest
Posted on: 01-Jan-2019
please provide future charts of stocks

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