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RSI indication

Can u pls clarify about RSI indication in page "Stock In Oversold Range for More than 3 Days By RSI" bcoz, the levels when compared with other sites, being differ.
Posted by Lakshmipriya D Posted on : 26-Sep-2014

Answer to this Question By Community
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 27-Sep-2014
Dear Laxmi,

This is most common confusion among the visitors. RSI values are calculated based on certain parameters
1. Duration ( We use daily close price, other may use hourly, weekly, minute etc)
2. Interval (we use 14 days)

Some of the other users got confused was due to parameters other than ours. If you use these params and find that our values are different then please alert and cite some stocks and tools/site. We would be happy to clarify.
Site Admin

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