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Suggest books, tools

I am new to trading and currently i am trying to gain knowledge before i start.
Hence i would like to check with you if, you can help me by letting me know as to what books do i need to read in order to get my self expertise d in Technical analysis and fundamental analysis and the necessary tools to monitor and start trading.
Posted by Guest Posted on : 23-Apr-2015

Answer to this Question By Community
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 24-Apr-2015
My reco for beginner to intermediate level
1. Technical Analysis Explained - Martin Pring - Technical Analysis
2. The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham - Fundamental Analysis

Books to the point, easy to understand and has right pace. There are many more but I guess, if you start with many you will get confused. Again choose between Fundamental or technical analysis. Both together could be overwhelming. All the best.
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