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Screen Name Sagarocks432Country IND
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I am new investor eager to learn technical ananlysis
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What does this formula means? Explain in detail?

Posted: 22-Feb-2015
5 min charts of delivery ???

Posted: 09-Feb-2015
Best setting for these indicators for intraday n delivery both.

Posted: 07-Feb-2015
Which is the most reliable indicators in intraday?

Posted: 06-Feb-2015

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Best setting for these indicators for intraday n delivery both.
Reply : Sir thanks for answering but i mean what numerical value i have to put in them. eg. for stochastic (14,3,3) is set by default. So i want to k..
Posted: 09-Feb-2015

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Allow posting pics in questions segment.

Posted: 06-Feb-2015
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day trading guidance please.....
Reply : 1st learn about moving average, candle stick charts. Den try to find special pattern from historical chart for buy/sell signal. Den you r ready for d..
Posted: 10-Feb-2015

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