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historical data

Posted: Few sec ago
bullish engulfing pattern

Posted: 04-Nov-2014
could you specifty at least 5 top gainer & loosers analysis , specific reasons....

Posted: 14-Oct-2014
how to find out top gainer & top looser stock?

Posted: 10-Oct-2014

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Question Answered
how to pick up exact one from tatasteel,IOC,LT, crmton grves 3-4 stocks?
Reply : thank you sir,

as per my view except IOC , all other had good opportunity in M15 compared to daily chart . dt. 09/10

pls tell your ..
Posted: 11-Oct-2014

stock will go up
Reply : hii,

good study...

all above stocks given good result.

pls update your study daily here.

how to pick up exact on..
Posted: 10-Oct-2014

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bullish engulfing pattern

Posted: 04-Nov-2014
coloumn of success

Posted: 17-Oct-2014

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Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern - Example 7 hiii,

where to take exact entry in bullish engulfing pattern??
if candle open higher & close lower side as ex. of sintex ,..

Posted: 15-Oct-2014

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