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Requirements Gathering on

As continuous attempt to provide our visitors of what they want, we started ‘Make a Wish’ section with the intention of our community driving the direction of the site. We are happy to receive so many ‘wish’ which makes us believe that our visitors think we can deliver those functionalities. We are humbled.

This gave us directions of where to head next. Also, we noted that the rate at which wishes were coming were much faster than what we can deliver and we truly relish to be in this situation which gives us more challenge and makes us deliver more efficiently.

We understand that with community from different background, different exposure to the site repetition of similar request is bound to happen. Among the wishes we receive, some owing to their vast scope may require further discussions/addition/refinement. Taking these factors into consideration, we would like them to consolidate and give users one more opportunity to contribute. Therefore, we started a consolidation section called ‘requirement gathering’ where we would take ideas from different post and put in one section and open it again for further detailed requirement.

We will consolidate these requirements when we have prioritized the feature so that we can give our visitors an opportunity to add/fine tune the requirement for a quick addition.

Here is the list of requirements which based on your wishes, we prioritized and open for detailed requirement.

Requirements on Exponential Moving Average Crossover

Intraday future scripts pivot levels

Weekly Analysis Of Stocks - Requirement

Requirements on Interactive Charts

My Portfolio - requirements

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