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All Requirements

Interactive Charts- Requirement

As many of you have pointed out that charts in its current state is needs some serious enhancements and to do much detailed technical analysis, we have decided to take this as one of our next tasks.

As this is very vast and open ended requirement, we propose to do it as step by step. With two broad steps

1. Immediate one starting with enhancement of current charting. Mainly supported by desktops
2. Create charting which works on most of the platforms including major android, iOS smart phones and tablets and of course windows platform.

As first Phase, we would be starting with
1. Ability to choose any set of Moving & Exponential MA.
2. Increase the duration of the charts to two year from current one.
3. Ability to choose time period.
4. Integrate All Screener with link to charts created with those indicators preselected.
5. Integrate Recent pattern Section with Charts.
6. Highlights Tops/Bottoms in the chart
7. Pre-created Trend lines for channel, trend-lines screening
8. Choose/Change equity.
9. Ability to create trendline
10. Weekly And Monthly Charts

With My Portfolio Feature, we would allow users to customize charts and they will be created every day with customization. Will track requirement in separate requirements section.

Among the requirements we have received so far

Interactive charts
Posted by: Sandy Link Link To Wish
List of stocks on left hand side and when we click on the stock name from that list ...

Able to make technical graph
Posted by: Guest
Link To Wish
i wish i could be able to make graph and analyse it in specified time zone.

Fast and Slow Stochastic crossed at same place
Posted by: Praveen
Link To Wish

Fast and slow stochastic are very helpful to analyse the scrips.Your site is having Graph related to it but I want to have it at same first Fast and Then Slow

lines for stock support
Posted By : Guest
Link To Wish
firstly chart may be in candlestick form whwnever if stock support comes to its support value ,then dark lines shows in graph ...

P&F charts with flexibility to vary boxes size and reversal criterias
Posted By: Guest
Link To Wish
can we have P&F charts with flexibility to vary boxes size and reversal criterias

Best Charting Tools
Posted By: Guest
Link To Wish
Please provide the best Charting service seen with all Indicators, types of Charts, and all drawing tools. Mixed with it if all NSE ...

option to draw Trendline in interactive charts
Posted By: Guest
Link To Wish
Under Interactive chart-under draw option give an option to draw a trendline ,so we can join upper points as well as lower point ..

User Comments
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 11-Jan-2015
We have added trendline drwaing support in the charts

We expect to add fibbonaci retracement, elliot waves and pivot point in near future.
Site Admin

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 14-Dec-2014
There must be a way to allow users to draw trend lines for analysis, for determining support and resistances

Posted by subhas
Posted on: 20-Nov-2014
Pls include Heiken Ashi chart in your software so that we will know the reverse time of the stock

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 12-Nov-2014
Please include ROC momentum indicator. It is a helpful parameter to decide trend reversal by determining positive or negative divergence

Posted by Chander
Posted on: 23-Oct-2014
Please include overbought and oversold screening using MFI and RSI.
And also stocks which have reversed from highest/ lowest recent levels with a bearish/bullish candle.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 19-Sep-2014
Pivot Points - Support & resistance can be included in Interactive Chart section please

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 07-Sep-2014
As a first step in this direction we have started generating long charts up to five years daily. Earlier it was generated once a week. Also we have started including 50,100 & 200 DMA on long Charts.

More enhancements coming soon. Stay tuned...
Site Admin

Posted by sanu
Posted on: 29-Aug-2014
add symmetrical triangular chart pattern in pattern section
 santanu bez

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