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All Requirements

Requirement on Exponential Moving Average Crossover

Please add your requirement on EMA if it is not been asked so far. We are about to start implementing it. We will soon add capability of adding Link and Image upload shortly.
Please note that at this time we can provide static selection of indicators only. What this means is that if we add 3 10, 20 Day EMA then during browsing time a period of 17 Day EMA will not be possible.

Status - Completed
Added Features
1. 3/13 EMA Crossover
2. 13/34 EMA Crossover
3. 20/50 EMA Crossover
4. 15/100 EMA Crossover
5. 50/200 EMA Cross Over
6. Price/200 EMA cross Over
and more

A new Section in Stock Research page containing
a) EMA Cross Matrix containing summary of Crossovers
b) CrossOver date
c) Previous Cross Over Date
d) Gap Between Cross Overs
e) Support /Resistance by EMA in recent times

Link to Cross Over is at Enhanced EMA Section

Requirements on EMA submitted so far.

5 EMA and 20 EMA
Posted By patil Link to Wish
5 EMA and 20 EMA crossover please add

3/13 ema crossovers
Posted By Guest Link to Wish
when 3ema crosses 13 ema upside then stock will be bullish and when 3ema crosses 13 ema downside then stock will be bearish.this crossover is very useful to trade in options.

price crossing 200 ema from below
Posted By tejas Link to Wish
pl add indicator showing price crossing 200EMA from below

ema cross
Posted By N P PATIL Link to Wish
pl provide 13 and 34 ema cross very profitable as i have expreced

20,50,200 dma

Posted By Deepak Link to Wish

provide us 20 dma,50 dma,200 dma list of stocks with closing prices,

Manualy selection of EMA days/weeks by user

Posted by : Sanket Link to Wish

Screening of EMA doing any of the below conditions:

Crossed Above
Crossed Below
Is Above
Is Below
Trending Up Last __ days
Trending Down Last __ days
Touched Above
Touched Below
Bounced Up From
Bounced Down From

User Comments
Posted by Guest
Posted on: 21-Aug-2014
kindly show share whose 10day sma above/below 30 ema

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 20-Aug-2014
provide us EMA 20 crossing 50 EMA CLOSE

Posted by dhaivat
Posted on: 19-Aug-2014
E5 & E100 cross over with EOD with ADX.

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 12-Aug-2014
Give us a variable crossover, wherein we can choose which crossover we require e.g. crossover of 5 EMA and 9 ema

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 02-Aug-2014
please prode crossover of 7&21 EMA
and 20 SMA
and also provide some stocks patterns wise

like head and shoulders, double top, bottom etc.


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