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Weekly Analysis Of Stocks - Requirement

We have received gamut of requirement on weekly stock Analysis. Based on our resources, we would take them one by one and the feature which gets maximum request would be the first one to be added provided we have capability to implement it.

Please note that at this time we can provide static selection of indicators only. What this means is that if weekly RSI is selected we can do it only for 14 day period selection of other day is not possible.

Requirements on Weekly submitted so far.

breakouts of welldefined resistance on weekly chart
Posted By Parimal Link to Wish
breakouts of welldefined resistance on weekly chart
i want you to kindly explore the possibility of probable breakout of a well defined resistance level particularly on weekly chart. is it possible? i hope you can do this.
a) Breakout case: for example: see the Ceat chart on weekly time-frame. when it broke out of 120 resistance built over a long period of time, in few months it has trebled. i have many such instances with me. this is one of the best of all strategies to build a good portfolio. there are going to be consolidation and retracements, no doubt, yet this could be one very good strategy as per my observation for many years.
b) About to breakout: i) one example is Nifty weekly chart which has a six years resistance developed at 6400. above this level, it will be quite bullish. furthermore: Finolex breakout at 65, Glaxo Pharma from 2400, NIITTech, Auro Pharma, Mind tree-- so many of them to mention.

Weekly Moving Averages
Posted By Rangaswamy/Sanket Link to Wish
Your site is extremely helpful in identifying the potential stocks using various analysis.Could you please include WMA (especially 100 WMA and 200 WMA) as a part of Moving Average Section?

Can we have a weekly and monthly screener
Posted By ankit Link to Wish
Can we have a weekly and monthly screener and can we screen our watchlist based on the screening methods we save

Breakouts signals
Posted By Parimal Link to Wish
you have several screeners. kindly add one more to catch the breakout stocks on weekly charts and see the magic.

User Comments
Posted by Guest
Posted on: 10-Oct-2014
Kindly update your scrips under all sections
newly listed scrips

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 07-Oct-2014
dear sir,
i need mcx commodity detailed technical chart , can u arrange in our web site.aslo analysis,...

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 02-Oct-2014
can u inclde weekly 20 ema and 50 ema on moving averagge

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