Five Year Completion of TopStockResearch- New Updates

We are pleased to announce that we have completed Five years of Free Online Technical analysis through our website We appreciate your support shown during these times. With your increased participation we got better confidence and sense of accomplishment and in return we continued to improve/add features to live up to your expectations.

Our last year has been exceptional where we have added most features than in any of the previous year. Since last 8 months we have started interaction with you and gave you opportunity to drive direction of the site. It was very simple yet powerful idea called 'Make Wish' available at bottom of all pages. As a result of your demand we have added many features with ..

Prominent Deliveries are in chronological order

1.Stock Beta
2.Future & Option Analysis
3.Weekly Analysis/Charts
4.ADX (Average Directional Index)
5.Chaikin Money Flow Analysis
6.Support And resistance lines
7.Enhance charts with trendline and more Indicator
8.More static chart for mobile users
9.Search Stock made easy & Easier Navigation
10.Consolidation of Chart Pattern Summary. With each pattern, we provide link to learning material, view in chart and view other stocks forming similar patterns.
11.Detailed EMA Analysis with more crossover
12.Coverage of stock increased
13.Fibbonacci Retracement
14.Question & Answer , Make Wish & feedback section
15.Enhanced tutorial section with more examples

Five Year Completion Special - Chart Pattern Overhaul

1.RSI, MACD, ADX etc divergence
2.Higher High and Higher lows Trend Screener
3.Ascending/Descending and Symmetric Triangle
4.Head & Shoulder pattern
5.Enhanced Existing pattern screener for triple top, triangle, Channel

We would also give special thanks to them who have taken pain in providing feedback about issues related to data and helped us to correct them on time.
With the continued momentum, we will continue to serve you with some of the pending features. Among the prominent ones are
1.Interactive Screener - Screening with user selected values, patterns and stock category etc
2.Alerts when stock crosses some threshold or when some pattern is formed
3.Portfolio Tracking
4. my.TopStockResearch com wherein you will have capability to customise site according to your requirement.
5.Mobile Friendly site/app
6.Possible real time screener. Still long way to go.

Please continue to support us as you all have been and do not hesitate in Making a Wish that may help you in making a good trading decision.

We have also created a survey and request you to participate and based on your feedback we would try to further improve.

TosStockResearch Team
Wish you All Made profitable Trade