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�oversold/overbought stocks by rising / falling RSI� AND RSI divergences

I am highly impressed by your wonderful website which, indeed, is of immense help to all traders and investors for short listing the �oversold/overbought stocks by RSI� and with candle stick patterns. This helps a lot in saving time for a busy medical doctor like myself. I usually just go thru the list of oversold stocks screened by rising RSI and/or candlestick pattern.
However, I was wondering if you could also provide the screener or list of stocks showing positive RSI divergence of oversold stocks / negative divergence of OB stocks.
This would further enhance the trading strategies of your website followers.
Would you plz think of it ?
Thanks a million once again for providing valuable info thru your website to all investors / traders.
Dr PK Moghe,
Posted by Guest Posted on : 15-Dec-2014

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