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@Ashish Pandey - For Custom Screener

We have Technical stock screener filtering stock for one indicator at a time and has been appreciated and well received for years. That helped lot of traders but some of the professional traders requested for combination of their choice of their indicators at once.

Now choice of one set of traders is different than others and all their request needs to be respected. That itself is a challenge to come up with a screen that allows one of the most advanced screener online. After lot of pilot project we came up with this screener which would be most user friendly and fast. We knew it could be overwhelming for some but target audience of this screener were pros. Based on feedback we received so far and by our analytic , we found it is very well received. In fact, some have requested to add more to the existing screener including chart patterns, weekly and month indicators also. We are yet to do the design for the same without complicating it further. Your help in this regard will be appreciated.

Now I guess there is another segment of user who falls between these two categories. We will be happy to provide a solution for them also. In order to help you, we may need some help from you. If you could come up with specification, some mockup or even code we will be happy to start working on the same.

We intend to provide solution that helps all.
Posted by Admin Posted on : 19-Jul-2015

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