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Chaitanya Jaiswal -India's Top Trader

Another Milestone for Mr. Chaitanya Jaiswal in the

World's Guinness Book Of Records

who started trading with Rs.1000/-

in NSE cash market made Rs.25 lacs in just 2 months

period of time i.e, ++2,49,900% returns+++

Sounds Incredible......But its a truth.

For solid proof, see the 2 attached files of his Ledger Report

generated in Sharekhan's Back Office A/c

& tell me whether that Ledger Report is genuine or not.

Can anybody is able to make such huge income within

2 months period ?????????????????????????????

You can also find out his name as franchisee

owner of Sharekhan in their website.

For solid proof, see the 2 attached files of his Ledger Report

in which he made ++2,49,900% returns+++ in just 2 months

& tell me your frank opinion.

My e-mail id :
Posted by ramesh Posted on : 08-Mar-2017

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