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Request for List of return on investment including dividend yield sorted yeild wise

I request you to prepare a list of scripts showing return on investments in various scripts in one financial year.
.I have searched the net for highest return on investment companies. But unfortunately search returns results for return on company's capital investments.
What I want is return on investment by a investor in particular script for a period of one year including increase in price + dividend yield + profit from bonus shares etc
in one financial year.
Let me give you two examples.
Suppose I have purchased shares of HDFC Bank as on 1st April 2013 @ 638.55 and sold them as on 1st April 2014 @ 737.85 HDFC bank has given 275 % dividend on share value of Rs. 2 So the dividend yield comes to 0.75 %
Then my return on investment is 15.55 value addition + 0.75 % dividend = 16.3 %
Another example showing negative return is suppose I purchased shares of Zylog Systems @ 50.70 as on ist April 2013 and sold on 1st April 2014 @ 13.66 result in loss due to decrease in value of 73.06 % But the company has paid 100 % dividend for a face value of Rs. 5/- So the dividend yield is 36.60% So my return on investment is - 73.06 + 36.60 = -36.45 % (loss)
I would like if you prepare such a list showing return on investment from highest to the lowest ( giving maximum loss ) it shall help investors like me to decide which are most profitable scripts and one can build a portfolio by selecting a good mixture of large cap, mid cap and small cap companies.
Posted by Mahesh Posted on : 14-Apr-2014

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