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Very useful site.

I use for US stocks. For Indian stock, I couldnt find a better site that this. For indian stock i use moneycontrol, etc.

However when I compare my usage with finviz, I could see certain things missing.

My stock screening process is as follows.
Compare all sector performance for last day, week, month, 3 month to select one best performing sector. In this site, I don't get a comparative study about the sectors.
Inside the sector, i check for individual stock performance for similar time frame. Choose a few top performing stocks based on some technical set-up (>200MA, RSI>70 etc). Then I look for any specific set-up by seeing other technical indicators (any bullish/bearish divergence, forming elliot wave stuff etc). Once I see a trade set-up, I do some kind of fundamental analysis, I need to see the fundamental information for that company (PE, different ratio, balance sheet etc - now i get those from moneycontrol ), upcoming schedule , ER estimates/ analyst upgrade, downgrade, other factors which can have impact on the stock price.
In this site, I couldn't get all of these.together.

In my opinion, this site has done the difficult part which is the research on technical indicator. Now providing some compiled information regarding fundamental will make this site unparalleled. I see a big potential for this site.

In terms of UI, I see some improvement opportunity.. "Most visited technical screener" can occupy less space. I couldnt understand why Nifty/Sense chart is required.

Thanks again for this effort.
Posted by Guest Posted on : 23-Sep-2016

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