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200 ema accuracy

Dear Sir,
i am using this webpage from last 2 months, and i have found 200 ema is not correct, please checkand correct your data for aditya birla faishon retail as it should be around 163 you showed 151.72
same as i have found a few stocks 200 ema incorrect.

please check the same.
Posted by Guest Posted on : 19-Oct-2020

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More details on the issue.
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 29-May-2021
And you posted message as a guest i.e. before being premium member. You won't believe number of spam we have from unregistered user. We make best effort to reply but can't guarantee to reply to all.
However ,attention is immediately given to premium members.
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Site Admin

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 29-May-2021
Dear Anant,
Sir, We have validate the price from multiple reliable sources. TSR Value is correct.
aditya birla faishon retail EMA in TSR on daily tick is 172

MyTSR Link
Public View Link -
Same value is in chart
Regarding Long duration EMA , values may differ as EMA value depends on period on which data is calculated. So a 50 Monthly EMA for with Historical data of 10 Yrs will be different than 50 EMA historical data of 20 yrs.

Site Admin

Posted by Anant
Posted on: 29-May-2021
My god lno reply for last 7 months for paid members . how can trust built to company and website ? Mintnovate Market Research Pvt Ltd.

Are you facing same issue. Please share on the urgency of the issue

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