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Complex Screener

monthly trend & weekly trend. uptrend
price closing above weekly 50 ema.
daily tl 2 uptrend
healthy fibonacci retracement. 61.8
relative nifty 500 above 100 percent
type of candle bullish
volume above average
macd positive
stochastic positive
5 ema above
how to build this screener please help someone
Posted by FARID KAZI Posted on : 14-May-2021

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More details on the issue.
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 14-May-2021
Dear Farid,
some parts of your requirement i clear while in other it need more info like. Suggest you to use contact us to share requirement in details. When you do so please mention Ticks , Absolute Numbers where applicable etc..
Site Admin

Are you facing same issue. Please share on the urgency of the issue

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