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Custom screener standard Pivot is giving wrong alert

Kindly check custom screener standard pivot. I have asked for alert above R1 and alert showing random result. Resultts are below pivot below S1 and random level . Same issues with all standard pivot level .
Posted by RD Posted on : 18-Sep-2020

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More details on the issue.
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 19-Sep-2020
Hi RD,
We have done various simulations to find the issue but we have got correct results/alerts in every case, One thing to note that
Above R2 is based on previous Tick Pivots. For Ex if you get Alert of CADILAHC on 19th Sep then Pivot Support and Resistance is of 18th Business Date.
Regarding Charts value, it picks latest tick. We need to provide option of previous tick also

Site Admin

Are you facing same issue. Please share on the urgency of the issue

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