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In your screener the stock basket is made all by default

In your screener the stock basket is made all by default which makes screening slow as the database is searching all stocks matching the criteria. It is not allowing the change of options for different stock basket quickly as it is made all by default. Please make the option choosable by user instead of making it by default as all.
Posted by ksmani21 Posted on : 28-Oct-2020

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More details on the issue.
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 30-Oct-2020
Hi Mani,
Made both the changes.
1. Default is FnO
2. faster Rendering option.
Site Admin

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 29-Oct-2020
Hi ksmani21,
Thats exactly we have favorite for. You can save your fav with combi of your liking's.
Secondly, its not retrieval time but local rendering time as we have added quite a lots of functionality in the screener like, Popup charts, Sorting, foltering etc.
We are coming with two options
1. Simple table for faster rendering for those who do not need sorting and filtering
2. Last chosen option as default.
And your feedback is appreciated. Keep sharing your comments
Site Admin

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