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Subscribed, but only first 5 records showing

Hi Sir,

I am subscribed to Trader EOD.
But every screener I check.. says "You are viewing first 5 Records. To View All records Subscribe to MyTsr"

Why like this ?

I am interested in only EOD and I watch the charts and your website only after 7 pm.

Posted by Max Win Posted on : 12-May-2021

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More details on the issue.
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 12-May-2021
Dear maxwin11,
Its because you are view public view. Where as as a premium users you should be using Premium view. Please go through the subscription confirmation email for more details.
For premium users the link is MyTsr Premium view
We have a Playlist explaining the features of MyTSR /Premium view . We recommend you to go through it as well.
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Site Admin

Are you facing same issue. Please share on the urgency of the issue

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