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Time when condition satisfied

Time when condition satisfied is required. Your scan shows OLd irelevent records which serves no purpose
Posted by RV Desai Posted on : 09-Apr-2021

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More details on the issue.
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 09-Apr-2021
Dear RV,
We have only one screener which pulls out old records i.e. Chart Pattern Screener. Now few things to note
1. It is sorted by most relevant first. So its upto you to navigate till you find relevant ones by your criteria.
2. Chart Pattern Screener is multi day pattern.. So same pattern may appear multiple days.
3. Some uses prefer to have for some more time after break out. Since you do not fall in this category, you can ignore later ones.
Hope it helps.
If you find at other places then do highlight with more details.
Site Admin

Are you facing same issue. Please share on the urgency of the issue

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