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Trader pro features are not reflected in the account

I have subscribed to Trader pro plan. But still I could see the Trial plan features. Could you please upgrate the Trader pro features for my account?

Below are my details:

Email :
First Name : Nitesh
Telephone/Mobile : 8149794269 Note + , - removed , As per Payment Gateway requirements
Postal Code : 440034
State : MH

Package : TRIAL
Start Date : 10_Mar_2022
End Date : 25_Mar_2022
Triggered Email Alerts : NA
Balance Email Alerts : NA
Triggered SMS Alerts : NA
Balance SMS Alerts : NA
Plan Amount TSR Txn ID Payment Gateway Txn Id Status term
TRADER_PRO 1062 O82Ldznq8C_10_03_22_02_42 - Initiated 3M
TRADER_PRO 1062 7nsxiorzbB_10_03_22_02_44 - Initiated 3M
Posted by Nitesh Posted on : 10-Mar-2022

Please note that we are working to Upgrade Users Comments/ Feedback. We will be back soon.

Are you facing same issue. Please elaborate and tell us if it is affecting your trading/investments decisions.

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