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delayed or no alert

Hi TSR Team, Greetings to everyone. Today I am facing an issue in alert system. i have fixed four alerts in screener. sometime when new scripts added there was no alert and sometime it was very delayed. I have enabled sound in notifications. how can I get notifications on time and in the form of popup message over top of all windows. I screener section is it necessary to enable auto refresh option every time? whenever I enable that option it gets disabled when I visit that particular tab again. Kindly resolve these issues to facilitate me to trade successfully with peace of mind. Thank you.

With Regards,
Gowtham Rajamani.
Posted by Sarvesh G Posted on : 02-Nov-2020

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More details on the issue.
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 04-Nov-2020
Hi Sarvesh,
As promised -
We have made several fine tuning in the alert engine. Alert rendering time is much faster.
Consolidation of all alerts in one.So that some of the alerts even generated and is visible in Triggered alert tab but not popped up.
Fixed an issue with MACD standalone stock alert.
Please provide feedback if it is better.
Site Admin

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 02-Nov-2020
Hi Sarvesh,
On delayed Alerts,
Delay can depend on number of factors including network , multiple screen opened at same time. You will get alert only once and not number of screens you have opened. Otherwise it can create chaos in terms of noise.
we will have a look in tomorrows trading time. If there is any issue , we will fix in next couple of days.
Pop up on top of all message - Its Browsers behavior. Browsers poses some restriction from last couple of years as lots of websites have misused this feature in past. That's why we have added sound notification to draw your attention. For now, alert will always be on one window / tab.
enable auto refresh option every time - It is deliberately kept this way. Its to save you from getting your daily Quota of screeners consumed accidentally if you open too many screeners at same time.
We can work on giving you an option of setting across all screeners.This will override individual behavior.
Site Admin

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