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i am subscribed user but where is Bullish Chart Pattern Screener

public view: where is "myTSR". I CANNOT SEE IT.
Posted by RB Posted on : 31-May-2021

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More details on the issue.
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 31-May-2021
Hi RB,
Its first Menu 'Premium-MyTsr' in Menu Bar (in
Once in 1. Click on
Either PreScreened / Screener --> Chart Pattern ---> By Default you will see Candle Stick
2. OR Click on
Custom Screener --> Pattern Tab ---> Click on Bullish/Bearish Candle Stick. Here you may choose Multiple Bullish / Bearish Candle. Along with CS pattern you may combine other price / Tech / Fin filters

We also recommend you to go through MyTSR Overview (A video/you-tube icon) at bottom of all pages.
Site Admin

Are you facing same issue. Please share on the urgency of the issue

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