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Feedback on Technical Strength of Stock @

We have been getting request to provide you with Technical Strength of Indicator/Stock along with Technical Analysis.

We wanted to be extremely sure before publishing. The wait is finally over.

We have started Ranking of the stocks at
1. Individual Stock Indicator level.
2. Over all Strength of the Stock.

Overall Ranking Methodology
Over all technical Strength is based on many Technical parameters ranging from Price /volume movement, Momentum Indicators, Trend Analyser, Money Flow, Resistance and Support points,candlestick Patterns, Chart Patterns using well established industry standard tools and proprietary algorithms. Based on their current position they are weighed accordingly to the impact it is likely to make.Tools used to achieve this are historical trend analysis, back testing , deep analysis and machine learning.

Fundamental Strength Analyser
We are in early stage of computing Fundamental Strength also. From your experience, if you like to contribute then please do so in the interest of community. You could send it through contact us page at bottom of each page.

As always we do not believe that any functionality is ever complete without your useful feedback. If you like this functionality please do share with your friends/colleagues. If you like it then do mention here or if you feel need for improvement then also please write to us. Providing premium analysis for free does require optimal traffic. We have series of high end tasks in the pipeline.

Technical Strength calculation is an automated process run at different intervals for Intraday and End of the day. Please note that past performance does not guarantee future trends.There is no Technical Analyst (human) to verify/validate these results so should in NO WAY be considered as a tip as its based on past data and future movement may completely be different depending on macro economic conditions, political situation, government policies, company news etc.We strongly recommend to use these signals for information only and seek advise from a certified professional for any trading decision.

Happy to serve you since 2010.

User Comments
Posted by Eswaran
Posted on: 11-Dec-2021
I am one of the viewers of your Site.. Your website is really fantastic and very useful to identify levels of good stocks..

While I try to share via Twitter (Where you have provided sharing icons at the bottom of the page), where I have viewed history of TATASTEEL, only the description only shared and not Link getting shared in twitter.
Kindly check it and fix in case of error, so that people can share the link about your site which would ultimately promote your site to more visitors.

THank you.


Posted by Mayur
Posted on: 30-Nov-2021
I like your website.

Mark Abuse

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 21-Sep-2021
excellent analysis with wide range of required information for traders and investors. sivaiahv

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 17-Sep-2021
Yeoman service to Investors for novice and professional as well...really great service..

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 08-Jan-2021
good analysis and believable research.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 06-Aug-2020
Please share browser/ device details
Site Admin

Posted by Samruddhi
Posted on: 06-Aug-2020
not able to see interactive chart

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 20-Mar-2020
very professional inputs and without any bias

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 25-Jan-2020
Hi, Thanks for writing to us. We are glad you like the section technical Strength of stock in TSR. Feedback from users always keep us motivating as well improving to provide the stock analysis which suits the user requirement.

As requested we are already working on the FNO Strength/Fundamental Strength. We have noted your requisite. However feel free to add on, all your requirement/feedback.

Have a happy and safe trading.
Site Admin

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 25-Jan-2020
Thanks to TSR team for their excellence in bringing the technical strength of stocks. I request the team to consider similar screener for stock options of different strike prices.

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