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Dear Sir,
I am a Short term trader, but I am not able to make good profit in this. Though I pay attention while buying but sometimes my one bad pick wipes out my profit. Please suggest Indicators for very short-term trading ?
Posted by Guest Posted on : 20-Jan-2014

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Answer to this Question By Community
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 21-Jan-2014
Hi, Anybody can get profit in any field only when the person has good knowledge about it, experience will come slowly and gradually which gives the confidence to continue. A lot people are making money as well as booking losses in trading. If i am saying someone is only booking profit then i am wrong. Even a successful trader book may be 7-8 out of 10 pick and book losses in 2-3, hence the overall is profit. For medium term trader I will suggest Oversold and overbought is a good indicator and do confirm your indicators with others, and most imp one should always follow a good discipline in this area.
Hope this will help.

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