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How can I use your oversold screener to pick up a suitable stock to buy?

Dear Team,

Can you please do let me know, how to use your bullish screener or oversold screener? I keep seeing, your mail (or on web), your screener very often shows RSI figure haphazardly. I mean, the topmost stock was mentioned as having RSI 26, where as some other stock, in the middle shows RSI figure as 7. As a beginner, I am always selecting the stock with RSI 7, to buy, over the topmost stock, which has RSI mentioned as 26. However, I felt, it has some other info too, which I am not considering (using which you are prioritizing the stocks list). Can you please do let me know, how can I maximize my profit, using your given info?
Posted by Samudra Posted on : 28-Sep-2021

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