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How to find momentum stocks for delivery trades

I want to select stock for delivery trade which has high momentum. I want to use stoploss of 2%.

I have been using this screener-

I select the stocks which has highest strength of daily, weekly and monthly strength.

But I find it sometimes give bad trade and I make loss.

What screener do you suggest. I dont want to make loss and play safe.

I want to do only delivery trade not intraday.

Posted by sssdornier Posted on : 06-Jan-2021

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Answer to this Question By Community
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 06-Jan-2021
Your approach is good for quick returns. We suggest you to try 'Custom Screener' and try adding a few Technical like RSI , Bollinger to refine further. Study of charts is equally important. That will increase probability of you success rate.
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