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LTP taken for different time frames at TSR-Reg.

Kindly let me know the Last traded price of stocks taken for daily, weekly and monthly etc. bullish/bearish report generation. As I can see here that the weekly and monthly prices of stocks are shown much lower from the current price of stocks for which the report was generated on 27/03/2020. Kindly let me know when you are updated these reports for daily, weekly and monthly report. Further, it is also requested that kindly give the very accurate screener for daily, weekly trading of stocks. Thanks a lot.
Regards-Arvind Kumar
Posted by arvkat Posted on : 01-Jun-2020

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Answer to this Question By Community
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 03-Jun-2020
Hi Arvind,
1. In EOD Report we show close price and not Last traded price. For Intra-day report we show last traded price.
2. All the end of business day (daily/weekly/monthly) reports are generated daily around 5.30 PM.
3. Report generated on 27-mar is too old. can you site any example from latest report. like a) Report URL b) stock you are referring to 3) expected close price and displayed close price.
We are committed to fix error if any.
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