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On strategies ?

Dear admin , First of all i want to thank u a lot fr this website...:-) its really awesome... May i know which are the Patterns or indicators that are safe & low risky for intraday trades ...??
Posted by VENKATESH Posted on : 15-Apr-2015

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Answer to this Question By Community
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 20-Apr-2015
Dear Venkatesh,

Thank you for kind words of appreciation.

Rules of successful trading is 'Keep it Simple' . We have hundred plus indicators/patterns and all of them are time tested. To become expert on all will take years.

Secret of success is to study few of them, it could be candlesticks, or line chart pattern, or moving average. Select max five, and keep reading about them and view their behavior. Once you gain confidence, you will make profitable trade. Textbook theories/strategy are no doubt starting point but key to to understand them well and situation where you should avoid. Also strategies vary from stock to stock, market to market , sector to sector. Merely following strategy of someone else could do damage to your capital.

Suggest you to read from our tutorials and pick easy and reliable ones like engulfing, rising rsi, macd first. Start trading only when you have understood them well.
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