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how to pick up exact one from tatasteel,IOC,LT, crmton grves 3-4 stocks?

Dear abhi sir,
Thanks for replying me.

I am new to the market. but i really dont know how to pick up one stock from above mentioned . today only IOC goes up and remaining are down.
All the stocks are picked up by me from high jump in vol with bullish engulfing.
I used bollinger band,RSI,stochrsi, william%R,MACD

Please guide me for more accuracy say 95 -99 %
my view to hold stock is one week.Among the 4-5 stock how to pick 1 or 2 which have strong probability to go up?

Thanking you for kind guidence


vinod chaudhari
Posted by vinod Posted on : 10-Oct-2014

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Answer to this Question By Community
Posted by abhijit
Posted on: 11-Oct-2014
thank you sir,

as per my view except IOC , all other had good opportunity in M15 compared to daily chart . dt. 09/10

pls tell your todays stocks choose on same method.

i have choosen Bharti airtel.

as i trade in intabhijitraday, cannot tell for delivery stocks.


Have a nice day...!!!

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