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is vivimed lab is good for 6 month view if s what is target .

or suggest any stock with tgt. price
Posted by Guest Posted on : 17-Apr-2015

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Posted by raja
Posted on: 02-Jul-2015
(tommorrow)what stock go to long or short ??? how to identify? how to fix stoploss and traget? tommorrow means daily

Posted by Guest
Posted on: 27-Apr-2015
thanks pratik sir.....

Posted by Pratik Jain
Posted on: 21-Apr-2015
This stock is expected to reach 460 in next 6 months as per monthly analysis..
As per weekly analysis stock may go a bit low i.e. a few more rupees down..
stock is now running sideways..a huge support is about to come in next 72 hrs... On 23rd if the price stays below 364.50 with high volume then downtrend may start..and will stays above 364.80 then uptrend may start..high volume is required...

chances are up as per probability..
right now volatility of this stock is low..ranging side ways.. i will suggest you all to wait for few more days before getting involved in this stock.. buzz me if any queries..
Pratik Jain
Professional Technical Analyst & Trader

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