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many indicator i see but confusion is going

tommorrow)what stock go to long or short ??? how to identify? how to fix stoploss and traget? tommorrow means daily
Posted by raja Posted on : 02-Jul-2015

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Answer to this Question By Community
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 03-Jul-2015
Hi Raja,

Here is how I learnt many years back. I started by learning and result after some time was confusion. But in that process, I realized that I understood some indicators/patterns better than other. I stated focusing more on them and started tracking Blue chip stock daily for formation of those patterns / indicators. It may take some time but patience is the key and more important is conviction that indicator works and how frequently it works. Once you have that then you can trade successfully for all kind of stocks at any trade interval. Our time was more difficult as we did not had access to so many tools as you have these days.

Among thousands of Indicators, we have chosen the ones that have been around for considerable time to prove their worth. All of them are good, key is about their application.

So you could start with reading about them at Tutorials. Follow the screener starting with Blue Chip stocks. They are available for you free at this site. Create watch list Custom Watchlist. Try paper trading and create portfolio and alerts. Play with charts, try at different interval to see how the stock has performed in past for that indicator. Try this for few months before investing.
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