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today lovable stock is up by more than 11 %.what was the indicator on the technical charts.

please tell me how to catch such price rise what indicators to see & when
Posted by Guest Posted on : 21-May-2014

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Answer to this Question By Community
Posted by Admin
Posted on: 22-May-2014
If you look at the Technical Analysis of this stocks, you will be amazed to see how the charts are helping the investor, just need a good interpretation of all Indicators into a meaningful result. This stock has giving indication at:

  • First Bullish Indication was given at point 1, when there is formation of triple bottom by this stock, which gives a bullish breakout with good volume participation. This is the point where other technical indicator like RSI, MACD (MACD crosses the Signal Line: short term bullish signal) also supported the pattern.

  • Second Bullish Indication was given at point 2, when it breaks the long time resistance with good volume with other Technical support, can be seen at the 2 year chart of this stock.

  • Third Bullish Indication was given at point 3, when MACD crosses the zero line, indication of long position, pointing that the uptrend is strong with good momentum.

Likewise other indicators too help in one or other way. Hope we are able to explain a few Tech Indicators in a easy way, and how to interpret data obtained by these indicators.

Lovable Technical Analysis With MACD, Triple Bottom, Volume Explaination

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