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Add US stocks

You have an excellent platform. Charting features and screening tool are amazing. I simply love them. Such a valuable tool is only limited to India stocks. It is under usage of your efforts. You deserve to expand. Add data for leading markets say USA, UK, France, Australia etc. Start the mission with USA I would suggest.
Posted by Upadhyay Posted on : 27-Apr-2021

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 03-May-2021
Hi bnaray,
Thank for your suggestion. As mentioned in previous post we want to provide you all with more richer functionality first. Stay tuned lots of functionality/ feature richness is on the way till Diwali/End of the year.
Site Admin

Posted by bnaray
Posted on: 03-May-2021
I too feel that adding US stocks adds a great value and enhances the popularity of your site

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 27-Apr-2021
Hi Pradeep,
Thank you for taking time to mention it. We will surely consider to expand to more markets but current focus is to make it feature rich within current suite. We have lined up quite a few big features in coming weeks / months.

We hope to make the platform to its major completion by Diwali. Then we will take a call.

Your message has certainly comes as a tonic to boost morale of the team.
Site Admin

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