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Advanced candlestick patterns

Hi Team,

I would like to request to consider and add following advanced candlestick patterns on daily and weekly screener.

1)Advanced Block
2) Tri Star
3) Two Crows
4) Up Side Gap Two crows
5) Separating Lines
6 ) Three line strike

In case, for pattern reference the following website will assist with all requisite details :

Once again, Thanks for everything!

Best regards,
Posted by Sanket Posted on : 23-Jan-2015

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 24-Jan-2015
Hi Sanket,

Thanks again in showing interest in making TSR more feature rich. Adding more candlestick patterns is always in our radar. When we do we would definitely like to add your suggestions too.

In the mean time expect RSI, MACD, ... Divergence this weekend and hopefully head and shoulder next week. They are being requested for very long time.
Site Admin

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