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All NSE BSE Scrips with one year low and one year high

In your Data one year low and one year high for A-Z available only for 712 scrips only.
As per BSE 07-Dec-2014 3234 scrips and NSE 07-Dec-2014 1585 scrips available.

My wish - Please provide all scrips one year low and one year high or from where I and download.
Posted by nitinandroid549 Posted on : 07-Dec-2014

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 09-Dec-2014
Hi Nitin,

Appreciate your time taken to find out available scrips in the site. Our being a niche analysis site based on technical analysis, Initially we added only top 500 scrips which we believed will respond well to technical analysis. What we mean is , some script owing to low volume, or very low mar cap, may produces lots of false signal and confuse our visitors. But lot of our users like you, have requested for addition of script which resulted to 700+. At this time we have system capacity to add 25% more or near 1000. Please suggest scripts preferable of large cap/ mid caps, we will be happy to add them.
Site Admin

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