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At least provide a HOME button and list of menus as drop down

The subject would help users immensely in ease of navigation, which is not the case now.
Posted by Rajeev Posted on : 03-Jul-2014

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 03-Jul-2014
Dear Rajeev,

Sorry to hear about inconvenience caused due to lack of Home Button. There are two ways of giving home link one is
1. Home Image as suggested by you
2. Home page link on the Site Logo

We have actually moved from Option one to option 2 to save some real estate.
After hearing from you, we may reconsider that option or may even add breadcrumbs.
Again on the Menu drop down, we moved away from it to make the page lighter for the users with less limited bandwidth.
However, we are open to all options. Keep flowing ideas.
Site Admin

Posted by Rajeev
Posted on: 03-Jul-2014
As of today, if you wish to navigate from menu to menu, the only plausible way is ti to back on the browser. But with Home button & drop down of all the menu exhaustively in the same subject clusters & classifications woud help easy navigation and save a lot of time for the users.
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