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App ne site ko change kardiya hai is se dikat ho rahi hai. Site bahot ziyada ulajh gaee hai. Koi bhi link tartib se nahi hai jaise f&o par click kare to pahle jaisi f&o stock list nahi ati. One year chart men ab 20 aor 50 day moving avg nahi hai. Kuch company ke page open nahi hote jaise beml. Site ab pahle jai si nahi rahi.
Posted by Guest Posted on : 19-Aug-2014

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 26-Aug-2014
yes, we have made several changes in the site with end goal of providing more value to you. We didn't not anticipated any inconvenience to you. We have started pagination so that it can be downloaded over slower network. We do have lot of users with mobile device also. On Charts, Rest assure you would be getting more than ever. Stay tuned
Site Admin

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