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Create a chart with stocks which appeared in one or more technical analysis

If a stock is in uptrend chart and same stock is in 15day SMA cross over 50day SMA.Make a new chart which indicates that a particular stock has satisfied many screeners
Posted by Guest Posted on : 01-Nov-2014

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 04-Nov-2014
There are hundreds of indicator and adding a screener any two indicators could lead to confusion. Indicators work well when they are correctly paired with another one, for example Double Bottom with Volume. There is not standard pairing, based on their experience analyst use different set of pairs.

To cater diverse requirement, we are planning to have custom screener wherein you will have capability to customize indicators. Hopefully by end of the year we will have it ready.

There are times that a very reliable indicator is giving bullish sign and another reliable one gives bearish sign. Both may be correct in providing the signal, but one may be for short term and another for long term.

We believe, screeners can take help you to spot a trend but it still requires analyst to take the decision.
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Posted by Guest
Posted on: 01-Nov-2014
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