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Enhancement in technical screeners

1. option to change parameters of technical screener
2. technical screener for options like RSI, BB etc.
3. I look for stocks which has highest open interest at ATM strike. I would like see suc open interest screener
4. combination of time frame in screener. for example i want to find a stock whose daily weekly monthly rsi above 50 and it crossed above 40 in 15 min time frame like that.
5. In predefined screener there is an option to filter FnO stocks from the list. I would also like to see more options like nifty 50, 100, 200, 500 stock, bluechip stocks etc.

If these features are added to TSR then I don't have to use other sources. If not added then also no issue TSR is already giving a lot and thank you for that.
Posted by SRJ Posted on : 02-Jun-2021

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Posted by Vijay50
Posted on: 04-Jun-2021
A provision to include daily Nifty Trend in the Intraday scanner. please explain implementation with example

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 02-Jun-2021

That's an exhaustive list. Speaks on the clarity of what you want sir.

Point 1. - Work in progress. Some level is available but complete configurability is coming soon.

Point 2 / 3. - Comprehensive Upgrade of F&O is on the card. Few months away

Point 4. - Its available in Trader-Pro Package

Point 5. - Its available in all packages. On top of it you can filter on stock of your stock basket.
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