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Fibonacci extention, retracement and projection

sir kindly add 361.8-D-FEx, 300-D-FEx, 261.8-D-FEx, 200-D-FEx, 161.8-D-FEx, 138.2-D-FEx, 100-D-FRe (a), 76.4-D-FRe, 61.8-D-FRe, 50-D-FRe, 38.2-D-FRe, 23.6-D-FRe 0-D-FRe (b), 61.8-D-FPr 100-D-FPr, 138.2-D-FPr, 161.8-D-FPr, 200-D-FPr, 261.8-D-FPr for daily, weekly and monthly in tabular format not as a screener. for clarification contact me anand 7382106186. Thank you
Posted by DL Posted on : 22-Nov-2019

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