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FnO tab in custom screener

It will be helpful to have FnO tab for stocks in custom screener with filters (EOD stats) like below
short cover, long cover, new shorts, new long, increase / decrease in future OI, increase / decrease in call / put open interest,
PCR and Rollover
Posted by Rajesh Posted on : 28-Oct-2020

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 28-Oct-2020
Hi Rajesh,

Its a good requirement and long pending feature. 

We can work for a tactical solution (EOD) till we work on comprehensive solution using Real-time data at least few months away.

Please add as many details as Possible

Few things comes to our mind for this stop gap Futures Only solution 

1.  Choice of Near , Next and Far months
2.  Option of -  short cover, long cover, new shorts, new long 
3.  Minimum Traded Quantity (To make good sense of depth) especially for low traded stocks in next/far months.
4. Gainer / Looser (in %)
5. PCR OI / Vol
6. Contracts Jump/Fall
7. Turnover Jump/Fall
8. Inc / Dec in OI (in %)
9.  Premium / Discount Stocks
10. Sort by OI , Turnover etc

For this tactical sol we will restrict to max 10-15 filters only. 

Site Admin

Posted by Rajesh
Posted on: 28-Oct-2020
it will be nice to have narrow range and psar scans in techind in custom screener

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