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List of stocks for which 3 moving averages are crossing each other on same day

List of stocks for which 3 moving averages are crossing each other on same day (Suppose stock for which 10, 20 and 50 days moving averages are crossing each other on same day)
Posted by Sandy Posted on : 14-Mar-2014

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Posted by Guest
Posted on: 27-May-2014
Daily weakly chart and top gainer loser stock

Posted by Parimal
Posted on: 18-Mar-2014
Hello Admini
i have long experience on three SMA crossovers. 5, 13 and 26 day SMAs, when they give a crossover, there can be a strong move if overall market and industry segment are staying favourable. this is also for investment purpose. kindly consider its incorporation. i know some people have done it. you can also do it.

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 18-Mar-2014
Hi Sandy,
This is an excellent requirement on both Moving average crossover and multiple bullish/bearish indicator. We do capture these information but could not automate it as it is quite difficult to write these algorithm and also it requires some manual screening. We will try to come up with something like this soon.

Guys, if have requirement like this then please drop a comment. This will help us to prioritize.

Site Admin
Site Admin

Posted by Sandy
Posted on: 14-Mar-2014
Also can we have a page showing all the stocks with their number of bullish or bearish technical indicators?

Suppose you have X number of indicators like MACD, RSI etc, then you can show list of stocks satisfying most of the technical indicators on each side (bullish or bearish)

Would you like to share your opinion on the wish.

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