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MACD Histogram Divergence Scanner

I am a great admirer of your website and a regular user and am I feel overwhelmed by the fact that you offer such unparalleled and unique service to we traders that too free. Its unbelievable. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I happened to to come across your this section about making a wish so I thought of a wish which if possible , we traders will really benefit a lot.

I wish for a MACD HISTOGRAM divergence scanner , not the macd and signal line divergence one.

The divergence between price action and MACD HISTOGRAM Divergence is considered the MOST POWERFUL signal in TECHNICAL ANALYSIS and I personally am a avid user of this pattern but the problem is it get very tough to scan so many stocks to find it and many time when I do happen to find it, Its quite late.

If its possible on your part for such a SCAN, it will be truly a blessing.

Thank you for your time and great service.
Posted by Ishan Posted on : 28-Jun-2017

Would you like share your opinion on the wish.

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