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NR4 & NR7 scanner

Dear Team, Thank you very much for your immediate response to my previous querry. Unable to create NR4 & NR 7 screeners using your menus. Can u pl help or if not in the existing design, add this scanner. Thank You & Regards.
Posted by Siva Posted on : 10-Jun-2021

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 10-Jun-2021
Dear Siva,
NR/WR Screener are available at two places in MyTSR
1. Prebuilt Screeners --> Go To Menu -->Screener ---> Chart Pattern (Standard Screener) -->NR / WR (Category) --> Narrow Range (Sub Category) Over there you will have option NR4 /7/ 11, 15 Screener and their breakout / Down

2. Custom Screener

Go to Custom Screener ---> Chart Pattern --->Click on Narrow Range , Here you will have option of creating Flexible narrow Range on 3 to 20 Ticks. You can also combine it with other filters

feel free to ask any other question. Every Question/feedback is appreciated.
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