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On Weekly Charts - (EMASMA Crossovers, Stocks near major averages and Breakour Resistance Line)

Firstly, Thank you for providing such a wonderful service. I have noticed that most of the research is available only on daily charts, it would be great if this information is available on weekly charts too.
Posted by Amit Posted on : 27-Aug-2014

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Posted by Amit
Posted on: 03-Sep-2014
This is GREAT! I am sure EMA/SMA crossovers are also part of this. While I understand it normally takes a lot of time for all of this,do you have any tentative time by when this will be available.

Again..Appreciate all your hardwork.


Posted by Admin
Posted on: 29-Aug-2014
Hi Amit,
We have started working on weekly analysis and have added trendline and double bottom. Starting mid sep, we would try to work on it more aggressively.
Site Admin

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