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Option chain

option greek - Delta Gamma Theta Vega RHO - Best Buy Or Sell Suggestion
Open Interest - Stocks Options Futures - Best Buy Or Sell Suggestion
IV Gride - IV IVR HV IVP - Best Buy Or Sell Suggestion
PCR - Best Buy Or Sell Suggestion
Roll Over's
call put difference Rs & %
Long, Short, long Unwinding, Short Covering..

you may add any option you like which helps will be valuable
Posted by Vikkrannt Posted on : 14-Jun-2020

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 14-Jun-2020
Hi Vikrant,
We do not want to provide any recommendation. We try to provide you with all the data for you to take a call. For calls you can refer to dozens of analyst in TV / websites or in other print media/
However, if you have set criterion for Buy/Sell then we can create custom report for you. Custom reports formula and access to report are strictly kept confidential.
If you are interested then contact us using link at bottom of the page.
Site Admin

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