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Please add all stocks having all sizes of market capital.

Dear Sir ,

your website and all the features given in it are really very good.
I request you to please enable feature to show all stocks having all sizes of market capital like DHOOT IND. FIN. as it is not showing here.

WIith Regards ,
Ajay Jain
Posted by AJAY Posted on : 10-Jan-2018

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Posted by AJAY
Posted on: 11-Jan-2018
Thanks for the reply.
Dd Gdg

Posted by Admin
Posted on: 11-Jan-2018
Hi Ajay, At TSR we have NSE listed stocks and their screening. The one (Dhoot Industrial Finance Ltd.) you are requested is not listed in NSE therefore you are not able to find in TopStockResearch. However we are considering to add BSE stocks on huge user demand. Stay tuned.
Site Admin

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