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Request for stock name

Dear Sir/Madam, I came across your website today only and found it awesome, with nearly 80-90% work done for us, Thank you for that. But when we find a stock suppose with bullish engulfing we just get the full stock name not the stock code for example Infosys (INFY) so it takes to find the stock in our charting package. So i request you to write full name and also stock name ie short form such as INFY in the list displayed. My mail-id is Thank you.
Posted by Guest Posted on : 18-Jun-2014

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Posted by Admin
Posted on: 23-Jun-2014
Hi Dheeraj

We do have stock code for all the stocks. Please Click on Basic Analysis of the stock.

BTW can you share with us 'charting package' you use. Other visitors may also benefit from it.
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